The Number One Mistake Businesses Make Online, and Why It Prevents Them From Finding New Customers

Most businesses have their website built bij a webdesign company. And the result is often a great looking website, with lots of functionalities built with php, Ajax and other sophisticated technology. Yet, these websites attract no visitors...

A webdesigner doesn’t care about your visitors or customers

And neither does his next customer, who judges the appearance of a website portfolio only.

It is a strange fact that most businesses think visitors will automatically come if the website looks great. And these visitors will immediately become new customers.

But visitors will never come if the website cannot be found.

But these webdesign agencies use SEO, don't they?

That's what everybody claims, yes. But using SEO techniques for a keyword like "Jones foodsupplies" wil get you on the first page of Google, but no visitors!!

It is very easy to score using your company name as a keyword, since there is nobody else using that keyword. And if your company is unknown to the public, nobody will search for it.

So don't take offers from advertisers offering you a position on "the first page of Google". It won't get you anywhere.

So how do most businesses get visitors and customers?

Since nobody finds their websites via the search engines, most businesses have to find other ways to get visitors to their website.

Advertising is such a possibility. And Google Adwords is the most used, and in many cases most effective method for that.

But it will cost you a certain amount of money per visitor. Which will add up to a fair amount.

A lot of companies spend hundreds of dollars a month on Adwords.

Money that could have been invested in a website that attracts free visitors via the search engines.

Hello, my name is Patrick van der Meer, and after getting my Ph.D I spent several years building a career in the telecoms and Internet industry.

In the meantime, I also built up a passion for both travel and (travel) websites. But I found myself unable to build a business upon that. Until I found the right path to do so.

I'm also the owner of this website, on which I describe how to create a successful website.

But let's discuss your business first.

Are you like most businesses?

Most businesses do not have a constant stream of customers, coming to their shop without any marketing effort.

Many people have probably told you that you need a website, to find customers online.

So what do you look for in a website?

  • An online brochure, describing your company
  • An overview of your products and services
  • A good looking design


  • A marketing tool
  • that builds your brand and reputation
  • that attracts a constant stream of visitors
  • and converts them into paying customers

The great thing is, you can have it all!! Where most webdesign agencies focus on the first items, I can help you to achieve the second set of goals as well. And here is how:

Introducing our Online Success Package

A complete Lead-generating Website for a fixed, low price

Since most small companies do not have a lot of money to spend on their website, we have aimed to create a fixed low price package that will bring them online success to build their business.

Apart from making a great website design, we will

  • Use our expertise and niche marketing tools to find your best opportunities for online success
  • Create a blue print as the foundation for your website, including future expansions
  • Leverage your knowledge and do research to write attractive pages that build trust with your visitors
  • Build your website using flexible techniques that enable you to change the Look and Feel easily
  • Apply White hat Search engine optimization so your website popularity will constantly grow with time
  • Provide you with all the business tools you need for online success (site blogging, newsletters, interactivity tools, etcetera)

And with your website built this way,

You will soon be considered the expert in your field

Claim your online success now

The best thing is: all of this can be achieved for a very low price.

Many experienced webdesigners charge amazing amounts of money to create a website for you. It will probably be a terrific looking website, with all the features you can think of. And the good ones may also help you with the content of the site. At a very high price.

On the other side of the spectrum are the "el-cheapo" webdesigners. Often students who are happy with a small fee. They are mostly skillful in the web technologies. But they lack the experience to know what is important in the success of a website, and focus on the technical side only.

Testimonial here

How can we keep it cheap?

The Online Success Package is based upon a streamlined process, used by us many times, and finetuned to get results fast. We are using:

  • Our own keyword research tool and process to find the right keywords for your niche quickly
  • A streamlined questions and answers process to find out about your knowledge and Unique selling points
  • Years of experience in writing efficient website copy
  • The right tools to check keyword usage and search engine optimization
  • An easily adjustable website template
  • A smooth process and designing experience to make good looking designs using the template
  • Our own online lead generating website, so we don't have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising

Your website will be realized by experienced professionals, not by cheap labor forces. Yet, our fixed price is very competitive since we make use of an effective process, so we need to spend less time on it.

And the results will be so much better than any webdesigner will achieve for a much higher price.

You will have a great looking, lead generating website for only € 1895,-

But if you act now, you'll get an extra € 200,- discount, so you'll pay only € 1695,- for the complete package!!

This special discount offer will only be available untill Februari 14, 2010. So...

Approve our agreement, and let's get started

But I don't want you to just buy this product and be a customer

I want you to invest in your website, and become our client. And there's a big, big difference. A customer buys a product and moves on. I don't do business like that. I'm not a fancy sales person. I feel an obligation and a responsibility to look out for you and your best interest when you become my client.

Professional Hosting

Therefore, we use a professional hosting service that provides a large set of business building tools (like newsletter software, form and poll tools, guestbooks, blogging tools, etcetera). Ofcourse, we will advise you about the usage of those.

This hosting package comes with a price, ofcourse. But it is an affordable price, for which your website will be monitored continuously. The servers are located in a state-of-the-art datacenter, and any outage will be solved very quickly. You will not find a hosting service with that quality for a lower price.

Maintenance and update service

On top of that, we offer you a maintenance and update service. With this service, we will report the results of your website on a regular basis, and give you advice about your online business.

This service includes:

  • A monthly report on the number of website visitors and other performance indicators
  • A quarterly report about your ranking in Google for the different keywords
  • An analyses of the results each half year and advice for improvements and extensions, if required
  • Continous check and repair of broken outgoing links
  • One change of an existing page every month (e.g. for promotional activities)
  • High Quality hosting including many business tools
  • Access to our customer portal with many useful tools and information

You will not find such a maintenance service focussing on your success anywhere, not for this price anywhere.

Success is our Unique Selling Point, that's why we are so committed to your success.

Here's what you need to do now:

Fill in the form below, indicating your interest in our Online Success Package. You will receive more information about the package, including the answers to any questions we might have.

After agreeing about the nitty gritty details, you will make a small downpayment, and we will directly start building your online success!!

The rest of the costs will only be charged at the end the process, when you are 100% happy with your website and your first results.

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Don't forget, for only € 1895 you will get

  • Complete marketing research into the strategy to be used for your website
  • A good looking, well structured, and well written website
  • Which is reported to the search engines, and uses the right techniques to score well in them
  • Free visitors from the search engines
  • Free leads, prospects, and eventually customers!

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