Site Build It Review

A step by step Guide to Success

This Site Build It Review gives an overview of this complete hosting package, and the pros and cons for using it.

The SBI package is meant for creating websites in the English language. but after describing the basics, we will zoom in on using SBI for non-english languages.

What is Site Build It?

sbi action guideSite Build It, or SBI, is recognized online for being the best Website package for small and medium businesses.

SBI is a complete package for creating, hosting, and maintaining a website. There are more possibilities to do that, but SBI is the only package that takes its users by the hand and leads them through every step of the process. Every aspect of running a succesful business online is covered, accessible to the beginner as well as the experts.

An important claim of SBI is that the resulting website will be completely optimized for the search engines. The package will take care of submitting each page to the search engines. In addition to that, it will give tips on how to build a page in order to be found online.

As a result, almost every SBI website ranks high in the search engines. Look at the long list of high ranking SBI websites to prove that point.

How is the user guided?

After ordering SBI, users receive an e-mail, with a lot of explanation in it. From there, access is granted to the Action Guide, available as a video or in writing.

sbi action guide

For many people, the action guide is an overdosis of information, scaring them off. Others, with some knowledge about HTML, want to move on. So they tend to skip large parts of the guide, in order to have a website online quickly. This is often a fatal mistake

It is of vital importance to understand how the concept works. That concept is the foundation of Site Build It, and the foundation of a successful website.

How does it Work?

SBI's Action Guide consists of 10 days, or actually 10 steps. And the remarkable thing is that the first 5 steps are only preparations.

Only at day 6, a beginning is made with actually building the website.

It may sound strange, but the first 5 days will determine the success of the website. For that reason, SBI is paying so much attention to them.

The main tools SBI uses in the first 5 days of the Action Guide, are called Brainstorm It! and the Master Keyword List. In short, also known as BI and the MKL. A screenshot of Brainstorm It! is shown below.

sbi brainstorm it

Brainstorm It! has several methods and sources to search for keywords. Keywords, as you may or may not know, are the main drivers for success online. A website will be found by users typing those keywords into Google or other search engines. So it is vital to be found for the right keywords.

Brainstorm It! searches for relevant, matching keywords given a certain topic. The results are shown in the Master Keyword List, shown below.

sbi Master Keyword List

The MKL shows all keywords found, together with usefull characteristics of those keywords, such as how often people search for these keywords (the "Demand"), how much competition each keyword has (the "Supply"), and how profitable a keyword is (the "Profitability"). In the MKL you can sort the keywords by these characteristics, remove irrelevant ones, and store extra information if you like.

Please Note: Brainstorm it! and the MKL do not work for non-English keywords. Read more about how to tackle that problem on the Site Build It for non-English Websites page.

Which additional preparations does the Action Guide describe?

The research for keywords is by far the most important aspect of the preparations. But the Action Guide describes different things to consider as well.

An important other aspect is how to monetize the website. For users with an existing business, this may not be relevant. But for others, this is very important. Thinking about monetization options may let you rethink using a certain topic.

Other tools used in the first 5 days of the Action Guide are for making your decision on the topic, and to make a blue print for your website.

In addition to that, all ins and outs for choosing a domain name are discussed, since this is not a trivial as one might think.

How is the Website Built?

After choosing your domain name, you will get access to Site Central. This is the portal from which you will undertake all actions with respect to your website. You may call it a Content Management System (CMS), although it is much more than that (and it has not all the capabilities of specialized CMS systems).

sbi Site Central

As shown above, Site Central is a control panel. There are several buttons leading you, for instance to Brainstorm It!, or to one of the other tools. Shown above is only half of the screen, there is much more below.

But do not be overwhelmed by the many possibilities. The Action Guide describes how you can use them all, but only one at a time.

How is the website designed?

Good question! One of SBI's dogmas is to keep it simple, so the standard lay-out of an SBI site is exactly that: simple. Many investigations are made to websites which are best judged by their visitors. And these all have a simple lay-out, with a logo on top, and navigation buttons on the left hand side.

Your own HTML

For experienced website developers, SBI does support differently designed pages.

The mosule Upload Your Own HTML allows every design, even if the navigation buttons are not on the left hand side.

There is only one restriction: you need to use HTML. A website designed in Flash cannot be used. But Flash websites should not be used if you want high rankings in the search engines anyway.

In a simple module, the Look and Feel Selector, you can choose the colors of the navigation bar, the navigation buttons, and a standard header, in which to put the name of the website. But it is also possible to design and upload your own header.

For the rest, SBI works as a simple Content Management System: the content is stored apart from the design. SO you can always adjust the design, changing the Look and Feel of every page on the website.

Consequently, a user can start with a standard SBI header and buttons, and change to their own design any time.

Building pages

For building the pages of the website, SBI uses the “Block Builder”. With simple blocks the page is built, while the user does not have to know anything about HTML. But, learning some basic HTML codes will prove to be quite handy.

sbi Add a Page

As part of each page, a number of fields need to be filled in, like the title, keywords, description, etcetera. These are important for being found by the search engines, and SBI will make sure you will fill them in correctly.

Check and Analyze It!

Before you will put your page online, SBI offers some checks. With the “Preview It” button you can watch what your page will look like. But even more important is the “Analyze It” button.

With the Analyze It button, SBI will investigate whether your page is well built around your main keyword.

The result of 5 days preparation was a list of keywords. A successful consists of pages built around such a good keyword. Analyze It will check whether this is done correctly. If so, you will see the following screen:

sbi Analyze It

Forms, a Newsletter, and lots more

Site Build It offers a whole bunch of additional tools to build your website. The capability of using forms, and to send out newsletters for instance. These are functionalities dor which you will pay extra at common providers, but not with SBI.

Every module is built with good styling, preventions for spamming, and a code of conduct.

Especially the code of conduct is very strict, limiting the users in some ways. But on the other hand, the website owner does not have to worry about technical or legal issues, all is taken care of by SBI.

How many visitors, and where do they come from?

After all this work, it is interesting to see how the website is performing. Obviously, SBI will show these statistics.

sbi Traffic Stats

But there is a lot more than that

You will see directly where your visitors are coming from, and for which keywords the website is found. There is even a report for how high you rank for each keyword in the different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Live, en Ask).

Below is an example of such a report.

sbi Ranking Rapport

Where are visitors going to?

Another aspect is to know where your visitors are going to. Are they doing what you want them to do?

To which pages are they clicking, and how do they leave your website? All important aspects for a succesful website.

SBI also gives you the tools to determine these aspects

Is that it?

No, not by far. It is not possible to name each and every tool here, there are too many of them.

But I hope I made it clear that SBI is a complete package to build a successful website, with everything you can imagine.

OK, not everything. If you are looking for webshop software, specific functionalities, or an extended CMS, that's not included. But SBI does support tools to combine a well found website with specialized websites built by other applications. If you want to know more about that, please Contact Me.

Do you want to build a website in the English language? Nothing is holding you back to try SBI. It is risk free, since a refund is offered if you are not happy with your purchase within a month.

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Do you want to build a website in a non-English language? Then read our additional page about Site Build It for non-English languages.

Are you impressed, but you don't think you have the time to create an SBI website? Contact us, and we'll find a way to help you. SBI just is too good an investment to just let it pass.

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