An International Keyword Analysis Tool and Guide

Find the Right Keywords in any language, for a successful website

The Keyword Analysis Tool and GuideThe Google Keyword Tool is well known as a good tool to find good keyword suggestions.

However, that tool is meant for advertisers

Google gives a good overview of which keywords are popular, how much is advertised on them, and how expensive an ad would be.

For you, as a (potential) owner of a website, this is also relevant information. But something is lacking.

What is the use to know which keywords are popular, if hundreds of thousands of websites are aiming to rank high for the same keywords?

You will never rank high in the Google results for the most popular keywords!

Or do you really think you can beat the big guys for keywords like "travel", "fashion", or "antique"?

But there are popular keywords for which you can rank high

Our Keyword Analysis Tool will show you how to find these keywords.

This tool and accompanying e-book contains everything you need, to do a thorough investigation for the best keywords.

Besides a clear explanation about the important characteristics of a keyword, the e-book will teach you

  • How to search for a large list of relevant keywords
  • How to find the search volume for each of them, using the Google Keyword Tool
  • How to gather that information, sort, and select to get a good list
  • How to use the Analysis tool to find the competition for each of the keywords
  • How to analyse, interpret, and select the best keywords for your website
The result is a list with keywords, and a blue print for building a successful website.

Aren't there other keyword tools to perform this task?

Strange enough, no.

Most of the available tools aim at finding the search volume only.

While it is the combination of search volume and competition that determines the suitibility of a keyword.

In our search for keyword instruments we only found a few, but these have two drawbacks:

  • They are part of a complete website hosting package
  • They only work for English keywords

The first drawback is acceptable. Especially if the website package is any good. (And SBI is very good, in fact).

But maybe you're not ready to buy a complete package.

Once you have a list with keywords however, which you know you can be successful with, you might realize that such an investment may be worth it.

Keywords in all languages

If you are ready for investing in a hosting package including a keyword tool (SBI in particular), you have to realize that the keyword tool in these packages are only usefull for English websites.

The lack of a keyword tool for non-English keywords in fact removes the foundation of the complete package.

Good keyword research is essential for the rest of the package.

Perform your keyword research for any language

With our Keyword Analysis Tool and Guide you can now find your most valuable keywords in any latin character language (if you want to try it in a non-latin character language, contact me, I'll give you a free trial).

The Keyword Analysis Tool and Guide
And after you have found your list of suitable keywords, you can invest in your successful website.

And if you buy SBI via us, you'll get a full refund for the Keyword Analysis Tool and Guide!!

What will you find in the Guide? As a preview, here's the table of Contents:

Contents of the Keyword Analysis Guide:


  • Why are keywords important -
    There is enough information online about the importance of keywords, but here's a short explanation.
  • Search Volume and Competition -
    These are the important characteristics to judge a keyword. In the introduction you'll get a short overview about how we'll get these figures and use them.

Chapter 1 - Getting Suggestions for Keywords

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool -
    Explanation about this tool, with our advice how to use it, and how to export the keywords.
  • Search Volume -
    The Search Volume is one of the important characteristics of a keyword. What do the values mean, what are the options to be chosen, and which values are OK or not?

Chapter 2 - Gathering and Selecting

  • Import in a Spreadsheet -
    Complete explanation about importing in Excel, but also a reference to other, free spreadsheet tools.
  • Sort and Select -
    Make a first selection based on search volume and relevancy.
  • Export to .csv -
    For use in the Keyword Analysis Tool you need to export your list of keywords. But first, we will throw away the irrelevant data. You will get a step by step explanation how to do this.

Chapter 3 - The Keyword Analysis Tool

  • Preparation -
    Download and installation of the necessary programming environment. No worries, you don't need to do any programming. But this environment is the necessary to run the Keyword Analysis Tool. You will learn how to install it.
  • Unpack and run the tool -
    Step by step explanation about how the tool works, and how to use it. In a short while it will find the competition figures for each of your keywords

Chapter 4 - Interpretation

  • Explanation -
    What do the values for Competition and Profitability mean? Why are they important, and what are good or bad values?
  • Sorting -
    You can sort your resulting list of keywords in different ways. To choose the best keywords, an analysis of all characteristics is necessary.
  • Assigning Priorities -
    We developed a method for a quick interpretation of your keyword list. We assign priorities, and with a multi-level sorting scheme you will get a good overview of your best keywords.

Chapter 5 - Extended Analysis

  • An extra tool -
    As a bonus, the Keyword Analysis package contains an extra tool, which investigates the competition for a keyword in different ways.
  • Explanation and Use -
    What are these different ways? When is it useful to use these methods? And how do you need to interpret the results? These are all questions we will give you the answers to. Especially for the user who wants more, and who wants to build a large website in a very competitive niche.

Chapter 6 - What's Next?

  • The next steps -
    A short chapter about the next steps to take. You now have a list with suitable keywords, a blue print for your website. We will give an explanation about how to continue creating that website, and how we can help you with it.

Chapter 7 - TroubleShooting

  • If the Tool doesn't work -
    It might happen that the tool doesn't work the way we decribed it. This may have different causes, which we mention here. 99% of the problems can be solved with these instructions.

Find the Best Keywords, and create the blue print for your Succesful Website

With the Keyword Analysis Tool and Guide you will have a quick insight in your website's potential.

That information is invaluable.

Many websites are built without doing this research. They are just sitting there online, attracting only a small amount of visitors.

Your investment in a Website is useless without proper research!!

You can now perform that research yuurself.

The choice is yours. Building a website costs a lot. Make sure that that large investment doesn't become useless.

The Keyword Analysis Tool and Guide

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